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Fatherhood Initiative

Bro. Donald Williams, Chairman





Our Fraternity is in partnership with President Obama’s White House Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative Program.  Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is charged by the President to lead the Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative in the following four areas: 

- Raise the Awareness in our Community on the importance of responsible Fatherhood and Mentoring.

- Partnership with local organizations such as the Unity Christian Fellowship (UCF) Youth Development Organization and other like-minded organizations.

- Give voice to Fathers on the Municipal, state level, and judicial levels.  To work with elected official to support the Youth Promise Neighborhood Act and Jobs Act.

- Celebrate Fathers who are doing the right things by their children.  Salute Dads who are in their children’s lives. Encourage Men to step-up in the Father’s absence to serve a vital role in the lives of our children as Mentors and Coaches to nurture, guide, and counsel and communicate with our children to win the future.

Bro. Grady Lockhart, Kappa Lambda '97 and son Graeden

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